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Most newer PC's can be used to complete our drivers ed online course. We recommend a Pentium III processor (or equal) and at least 256MB of RAM.

Operating System / Software:

To be able to complete our drivers ed online courses your PC/Mac should have:

A browser installed with Javascript support. Some of the pages use Javascript, so if you are experiencing problems (like the pages not being displayed correctly), please check your security settings and that Javascript is enabled in your browser. We recommend that you always have the latest version of your browser installed on your computer to be safe.

In some cases it might be required that you download software to be able to see some parts of the course (like Flash, or a mediaplayer). In those cases you should make sure to have enough available space on your computer for a smaller sized application.

Recommended browsers:

Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.
Firefox. We recommend that you have the latest version of this browser. Versions older than 1.04 may not be as secure.
Netscape Navigator 4.7 or higher.
AOL 6.0 or higher. We suggest that you have your security settings set to medium or low and javascript enabled for best results.

Comments or Questions

Feel free to call us if  you  have any questions, concerns, or problems at:



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